1. 'The Meeting' By Robert Hunter, 2nd Edition. Nobrow Press.
    Edition of 100.

    This was a great piece to work on and a good example of how production morality can come into play in the making of prints. The first edition of this print was released alongside Rob Hunter’s first book with Nobrow press, ‘The New Ghost’. 

    Normally when a print is released in a limited edition, it is signed and numbered by the artist. The number acts as an unspoken promise from the publisher to the purchaser that no more or no less of the print will be produced.
    Within lithography or etching what is know as a cancellation proof is sometime produced after an edition has been run. The printer scores a cross into the plate or stone and prints a copy of the defaced image. Within screenprint this can be a bit more tricky as a new screen can be made from existing stencils or digital files any time.

    Nobrow were keen to produce a new edition of this print, but before it could go to print something had to be changed to honour the original 50 customers who bought the first edition.

    I added a dusty pink twilight gradient to the layer behind the figure, which not only changes the print, it also renders each one as completely unique. Worked a treat.

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